The Most Beautiful Weather

Autumn is the most popular time of year at Yosemite National Park as the weather is one of the warmest, making conditions great for activities like hiking, rafting, and late night stargazing. It’s also the most convenient time to go for a lot of families because the kids are out of school. But have you ever considered visiting Yosemite in fall? When many people plan their Yosemite vacations, they don’t even consider Yosemite in autumn, but this is quite the oversight. 

Autumn vs. Other Seasons

Yosemite is much less crowded during Autumn than it is in either summer or winter, and yet many of the activities that make Yosemite such a great place to visit are still available in autumn, plus the weather is usually only slightly cooler than it is in summer: The average high temperature in Yosemite for the months of June, July and August falls in the mid to upper eighties. The average high temperature in September is 83 degrees and in October it’s 73 degrees. With numbers like these, many would agree that Autumn weather in Yosemite is even more pleasant than summer weather. Indeed, the weather in fall is ideal for bikers, rock climbers, and hikers alike, all of whom will also enjoy less crowded paths than in summer months. Yosemite in autumn is also an ideal vacation spot for fishermen. With smaller crowds, the fish are less wary and more likely to bite. Brown trout in particular thrive during this time of year in the lower Merced River. Many of the open air tram tours also continue through fall, including a full moon tour that only happens once a month. Nature enthusiasts love Yosemite vacations during the fall because though many of the park’s  trees are evergreens, a vast number of deciduous trees throughout the park change color during the fall, putting on a beautiful natural show of gold, red, brown, and yellow. So consider planning your next Yosemite vacation this autumn. Great houses, condominiums, and cabins are still available to rent for reasonable prices from Scenic Wonders. Our Yosemite National Park accommodations put you within the gates of the park, placing you right in the middle of the beauty of Yosemite in fall. Call us today at 1-888-YOSEMITE (1-888-967-3648) to begin planning your vacation or simply to reserve online now. You can also take a look at our available rentals here. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with a few friends or planning a giant family reunion, we have the right home, condominium, or cabin for you!

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