Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

• Is Yosemite National Park open year round?
Yes, Yosemite National Park is open year round and has four beautiful seasons.

• How far in advance should we make our reservations?
Due to Scenic Wonders’ unique location in Yosemite National Park and our popularity, we receive extremely high volumes of reservation requests daily for our properties during our peak seasons and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone. Year after year we have to turn away hundreds if not thousands of potential guests from early April through October because we become sold out. There are many vacation rental and social media websites, print media, blogs, etc. all over the world that have listed our properties.  We do our very best to keep our calendar on our website updated daily.  We strongly advise that you do not wait until the last minute to make your reservations.  Please try to make your reservations at least six to eight months in advance to assure availability during our peak seasons or consider visiting us during our off season period (November, January and March).

• Where and how do we check in?
To lessen the impact on our community, we ask that you check in directly to your home or condominum of you choice. When you arrive, there will be a key pad on the door, the combination for your stay is the last 4 digits of your phone number. To use, enter your code, you can then turn the deadbolt and enter. Please read the welcome binder on the kitchen table for information on the home and what to do in the surrounding area. If you have any questions during your stay you may call us at 209-372-4945. Our check in time is anytime after 4pm, check out time is 11am.
With two locations to serve you for Wifi and movies go to:

Homes Office
7403 Yosemite Park Way
Yosemite West
Yosemite National Park, CA 95389
Condominiums Office
7540 Henness Circle
Yosemite West
Yosemite National Park, CA 95389
Open seven days a week:
Call: 1-888-YOSEMITE
Call: 1-888-967-3648

• Are wedding receptions or large groups/parties permitted in any of our properties?
Sorry, no.  Unfortunately, about 90 percent of the time that we have allowed wedding receptions or large groups to rent multiple properties, without fail, they turn out to be loud and uncontrollable, create excessive wear and tear on the furniture, stains on our carpets, broken chairs, broken screen doors, missing items, etc.  We have been taken advantage of too many times to allow this to continue, so please beware!  During our nightly patrol, if we should find any extra vehicles parked at any of our properties, other than what is allowed, or find any large group that exceeds the maximum allowable occupancy, Park Rangers or the County Sheriff’s Department will be notified for immediate eviction.  Please don’t create an embarrassing situation for yourself and your family, and kindly respect our community.

• Is there a fee to enter Yosemite National Park?
Yes, a $20.00 fee is collected by the Park Rangers at the entrance gates, which is valid for seven days.

• Is there public transportation or a shuttle bus service to Yosemite West?
No. Due to our remote location there is no public transportation or shuttle bus services to or from Yosemite West. You must have your own transportation.

Do you charge cleaning fees?
NO. For your convenience we do not charge cleaning fees.  However a two night reservation deposit is required for all reservations at time you make your reservation.

• Do you have internet access at any of your home properties? Yes but very limited!
a few of our home properties have recently been able to receive Internet access. Due to our remote location, and the fact that most of our properties are surrounded by tall Yosemite pine and cedar trees, it makes it almost impossible to receive clear satellite signals, cable isn’t available yet in our community. The system we currently have is a satellite based Internet system, and is vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, therefore we cannot guarantee Internet connectivity during your stay. The following homes in our group now have Internet access, Sequoias East and West, Serenity Pines, Sport Chalet, & Little Sport, Yosemite View, Yosemite Vista Yosemite Park Place, and Strawberry Creek! For those properties in our group that don’t have Internet access, you can use the Wi-Fi Internet Network at the lounge at the beautiful Curry Village in Yosemite Valley, just a short drive from our location, stop by have lunch and catch up with your e-mails! We are doing our best to provide you this service but unfortunately the technology for full service just isn’t available yet in our community.

• Do you have internet access at any of your Condominium properties? Yes but again very limited!
We are happy to announce that our condominiums are now equipped with Hughes Satellite Wi-Fi on a limited basis. Unfortunately due to our remote location in the mountains, we have a limited amount of Internet bandwidth allocated during a 24-hour period, so we cannot guarantee you Internet connectivity. It’s basically first come first serve until our allotment for the day is used up. Please use only for e-mail communications, please no picture transfers. You may also have to move around to our outside picnic tables to receive the best signal. If the signal is poor or not working and it is crucial that you need Internet access, you can always try our Homes Office, but again no guaranties. You can also use the Wi-Fi Internet Network at the lounge at the beautiful Curry Village in Yosemite Valley, just a short drive from our location. Stop by and have lunch and catch up with your e-mails! We are doing our best to provide you this service but unfortunately the technology for full service just isn’t available yet in our community.

• Where are you located? How far are you from the main attractions?
We pride ourselves on having one of the best locations in the Park! We are centrally located in Yosemite National Park in an area called “Yosemite West” which is just south of the Yosemite Valley floor, across from the Glacier Point and Badger Pass exit off highway #41. South of us is Wawona and Oakhurst. Driving time is approximately 10 minutes to Badger Pass Ski Area, 15-20 minutes to the Yosemite Valley floor, 20-25 minutes to Glacier Point, 20-25 minutes to Wawona, and 25-30 minutes to the Giant Redwood trees (Mariposa Grove).

• Is your water safe to drink?
Our water is perfectly safe to drink, bath and swim in, but we recommend that you bring bottled water for drinking, due to the fact that our water has a high mineral content.

• What do you provide?
We provide you with dishware, cookware, silverware, blankets, pillows, linens and towels. Condiments provided are: hot chocolate, Folgers coffee and filters, sugar packets, cream packets, Lipton tea, and salt & pepper. We also provide dishwasher detergent, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and free firewood for units that have wood burning fireplaces. All our properties come equipped with propane BBQ’s, and we provide the propane.

• Terms & Conditions:
Unlike most Vacation Rentals, for your convenience Scenic Wonders does not charge cleaning fees, however, a two-night reservation deposit is required when you confirm your reservation. If your reservation is for more than two nights, the balance due, if any, will be automatically debited from your credit card one-month prior to your arrival date. If a balance due is collected a second e-mail confirmation will be sent to you as a follow-up. One day prior to your arrival date a $300.00 security/damage deposit will be authorized but not debited on your credit card and will be released after your stay if no neglectful use incidents are reported. Property will be inspected at time of checkout. Neglectful use will result in additional charges or prosecution. We accept Visa, Master and Discover. All homes have privately owned telephones therefore only calling cards can be used for long distance calls. Cell phone reception is intermittent and therefore not dependable. Please note there are no stores or restaurants in our immediate area. Please see our location map location map to see where the best location is for you to shop before entering the Park. Please NO pets of any kind, if any pets are reported or found in any of our properties a $500.00 detailing cleaning fee will be charged due to possible pet hair and dander allergy issues. Please NO wedding receptions. Please NO extra guests. Any extra guests that exceed our maximum occupancy zoning laws that are posted in each of our properties will be evicted immediately. Quiet hours in our community are 10 P.M. to 8 A.M. Check-in Time 4:00 P.M. Check-out Time 11.00 A.M. Snow-chains may be required from November through May. California Penal Code Section 537 makes it a crime to defraud an Innkeeper. All rules are strictly enforced. Park Rangers or the County Sheriff’s Department will be notified immediately of any violations.

• Cancellation/Date Change policy:
Cancellation/Date Change policies apply only to confirmed reservations. For any cancellations or date changes, a 10% processing fee will be charged on the total amount of the reservation if made at anytime. If you should cancel within 30 days of arrival date, 25% of the total amount will be charged. If you should cancel within 7 days of arrival date, or if you should not show up at all, 100% of the total amount will not be refunded. However, if you can give us fair warning, and we are able to rebook your confirmed dates to another party, the processing fee will be 25% of the total amount. While they are a rarity, no refunds will be given for occurrences beyond our control including weather, health issues, road conditions, power outages, cancelled flights, early check-outs, no-shows, or date changes. Because unforeseen circumstances may arise, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance. (Click here for insurance details) Please use the money that you are saving by not having to pay cleaning fees. A basic policy for a reservation costing $1,000.00, gives you Cancellation Protection to Emergency Medical Transportation, with additional benefits for approximately $54.00. This is for your protection, and is a wise and very affordable investment for your own piece of mind.

By providing Scenic Wonders, Inc. your Credit Card information, you hereby agree to all the above terms and conditions, Cancellation/Date Change policies, and authorize Scenic Wonders, Inc. to debit your credit card for all applicable charges when due.

• Lost & Found:
Scenic Wonders is not responsible for any items that are claimed to be lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind. Should any guest lose personal belongings while staying at Scenic Wonders, the item will be recorded as “found” if recovered. Scenic Wonders keeps detailed records of all “found” items and will make a reasonable effort to contact the guest if an item is left in a property after the guest has checked out. Any items in the Lost & Found which are not claimed within ninety (90) days will be donated to a local charity or discarded. We will ship items back at the owner’s expense. Due to our remote location in Yosemite, the closest shipping parcel service is approximately 1.25 hours away. This creates a hardship for us because we have to dedicate an employee to drive to the shipping service, which is 62 miles @ 56 cents a mile, and covers the gas, wear and tear per IRS standard mileage rates, the hourly wage for the employee at 2.5 hours round trip, plus the shipping cost. If you do the math, this will cost you approximately $60.00, plus the shipping cost of the item. So, if you want us to ship an item you left behind, you will have to cover the cost and authorize us to charge your credit card for approximately $80.00 – $100.00, depending on the shipping costs. Of course, you are welcome to pick up the item any time at your earliest convenience.

Please check each room and look for phones, computers, chargers, books, clothing, and any personal items. Please inspect the entire property exterior and interior before you check out.

• Trip Insurance?
If you have any doubt that you may not be able to make your trip for any of the reasons mentioned above, we strongly urge that you purchase trip insurance from Allianz.  Since we don’t require many of the fees that some competitors charge, for a very minimal cost you can insure your entire trip for a full refund if anything should happen.

• Are there any restaurants or grocery stores in Yosemite West?
There are NO food services in Yosemite West, so please try to do your shopping before you enter the Park.  You can shop in our neighboring towns of Oakhurst, Mariposa, Groveland, and Lee Vining, before you enter the gates of Yosemite National Park. Our closest restaurants and markets are located in Yosemite Valley and Wawona which are both about a 15-20 minute drive.

• Where’s the nearest gas station?
The closest gas station to Yosemite West is located in Wawona (12 miles), which is South of us on Highway #41.

• Do you have Air Conditioning in any of your rentals?
There is NO Air Conditioning in any of our units, including the condominiums, except Places In Paradise which has a water cooler system that keeps the house comfortable during the few hot weeks that we experience during the summer.   We provide fans, due to the weather at 6000 feet being cool most of the year.

• How about heating?
All rentals have heating.

• Do you have additional Park information?
The Telephone number for the Yosemite Park Concessions is (209) 372-1001. Telephone number for road conditions and weather is (209) 372-0200.

• Do your properties have phones?
Yes, all our properties have phones. You can make local calls free of charge, but you will have to use your own 1-800 calling card for long distance calls.

• Do cell phones work in Yosemite?
No, there is hardly any cell phone reception because we are in the mountains at an elevation of 6000 Feet.

• Do you have daily housekeeping?
Housekeeping is not provided daily — only prior to check-in. If you need additional housekeeping, please contact our manager. There will be an additional charge if you should need this service.

• Who do I call for assistance during my stay for extra towels, etc.
Extra linen and towels are located in your room. If you need more, please contact our manager. Phone numbers are posted in your property. (209) 372-4945 or (209) 372-4243

• Where is the ice machine?
There is an Ice machine located downstairs in the “B” building in our Condominium complex. The video room is located across from the office. You may check out videos at your leisure, at no charge.

• Are there laundry facilities at the condos?
Coin-op laundry is located in our Condominium complex, upstairs in “B” building. There is no change machine, so bring plenty of quarters.

• Is there an iron at the condos?
Iron and ironing boards are located in laundry room at condos.

• Is there a soda & snack machine?
Soda machines and pay phones are located in each building of our Condominium complex.

• Are there trash bags? Where do I leave the trash — in my unit?
Extra trash bags are found in each container. Please read instructions upon arrival of where to place your trash. Yosemite has strict rules of trash disposal due to live animals in the Park.

• What if extra guests join my group? What if my group exceeds the limit to capacity in the rental?
Extra guests are not permitted unless confirmed by Reservations prior to arrival. Our rentals are only allowed to have a certain number of guests do to maximum capacity zoning laws and fire standards. If extra guests exceed capacity, extra guests will be immediately evicted by Rangers.

• Are pets allowed?
Sorry NO, unfortunately there are those who ruin it for others, and have abused our properties to the extent that we have had to discontinue allowing pets to stay with us. If any pets are reported or found in any of our properties a $500.00 detailing cleaning fee will be charged due to possible pet hair and dander allergy issues. Also the owners of any pets found will be asked to remove their pet from the property. Pet kennels are located in Oakhurst or Fresno, California.

• Do your rentals have fireplaces?
Yes, most our rentals have either wood burning, electric, or propane fireplaces.

Properties with NO fireplaces are:
Cozy Cub, Little Summit, Pinetree Retreat.

Properties with WOOD burning fireplaces are: Quail Crossing Lodge, Ahwahnichi Lodge, Places in Paradise, Stoneoaks, Chateau Royal East and West, Christmas Cabin, Yosemite Vista, Yosemite View, Yosemite Pines, Sport Chalet, Little Sport, Scenic Wonders, Coyote Creek, Yosemite Escape, Hikers Hideaway, Yosemite Crossroads, Edelweiss.

How about firewood for the WOOD burning fireplaces?
Homes with fireplaces have complementary firewood. Condos have only propane fireplaces.

Properties with PROPANE Fireplaces: Park Place, Ahwahnichi Lodge, Alpine View, Yosemite Summit, Strawberry Creek, Sequoias, Bears Den, Little Bears Den, Serenity Pines, all Condos.

Properties with ELECTRIC Fireplaces: Sunset Hill.

• How about an outdoor Jacuzzi ?
Properties with an outdoor Jacuzzi are: Places in Paradise, Yosemite Vista, Scenic Wonders, and Alpine View.

• What about spa bathtubs?
Spa-jetting bathtubs are in rentals: Chateau Royal West, Hiker’s Hideaway, Scenic Wonders and Yosemite Whispers.

• Is there a TV or DVD in the homes?

Home rentals have: TV, DVD, clock radios, and some with stereos.

• Is there a TV or DVD in the condos?
Condo rentals have: TV/DVD, clock radios, and hair dryers.

• Is there a BBQ?
We have propane BBQs ready for use in all our properties, NO charcoal please!

• Which rentals have laundry facilities?
Rentals with laundry facilities are: Places in Paradise,Yosemite Vista, Scenic Wonders, Pinetree Retreat, Yosemite View, Hiker’s Hideaway, Ahwahnichi Lodge, and the condominiums.

• Do any of your properties have game rooms with Ping Pong, Foosball, or Pool Tables?
Places in Paradise
Has a great pool table, and Foosball Soccer table in it’s game room.
Has a combination pool table with a removable ping-pong tabletop in it’s game room.
Chateau Royal West Has a bonus playroom with wet bar, ping-pong and Foosball Soccer tables, for hours of entertainment!

• What time is check-in and check-out? What if I arrive late? Can I arrive early?
Check-in is anytime after 4 p.m. and check-out is anytime before 11 am. If you should arrive late after check-in hours and need help, there is a 24-hour manager at our office with an entercom box to assit you. Sorry, due to the size of our properties, and the complexities of cleaning and maintaining them, we cannot allow early check-ins or late check-outs. Please respect your fellow travelers vacation experience.

• When do I pay my remaining balance?
Balances due are automatically paid 30 days prior to your arrival by credit card; everyone is paid in full 30 days prior to your arrival. You do not need to call us, unless we contact you for issues with your credit card. We do not accept checks.

• Is smoking permitted?
No, smoking is not allowed in any of our properties.

• What if I have to change my arrival date or rental unit?
We do not allow last minute arrival date changes, unless you give us fair warning of at least a month; we may be able to do so months ahead of time. You may upgrade your rental at anytime, as long as it’s available. Cancellation fees will apply.

• Where is the nearest grocery store?
In Yosemite Valley at the Village Market (15 miles) or in Wawona (12 miles).
Coming in from Hwy 120 at “Oakdale.”
Coming in from Hwy 41 at “Oakhurst.”
Coming in from Hwy 140 at “Mariposa.”

• What if I bring an extra car, and my unit only allows a minimum?
Contact the manager to make parking arrangements.

• Is there a meeting area or banquet room in the area to have a family gathering?
No, we do not cater to large groups.

• Do you have handicap units?
Sorry, we unfortunately do not have any accommodations that fit handicapped requirements. You should be able to find lodging in Yosemite Valley; call (209) 372-0200. There are two hotels that will be able to help you, plus you’ll have less of a commute to all the main points of interest. We are located in a very mountainous terrain, and most of our properties have many stairs.

• What should I pack?
Your own personal hygiene items and groceries if you wish to cook in your unit.

• Are there Mosquitoes?
Yes. Bug repellent is advised if you intend on being outside during dusk.

• How many months ahead of time must we book our reservations?
For spring, summer and fall, to ensure the property and dates of your choice, it’s best to book 8 to 6 months in advance; for winter, 3 to 6 months in advance; holidays are always sold out months in advance.

• Is RV parking allowed?
No. Violators will be towed to the nearest town which is about 40 miles away.

• Can my relatives stay in their RV outside while I’m in my rental?
No. Violators will asked to leave or be towed to the nearest town which is about 40 miles away.

• Is there camping in Yosemite West?
No. Camping is allowed only in specified camping areas in Yosemite Valley, not in Yosemite West. You will need to contact (209) 372-0200 for campgrounds information.

• Do the units have satellite or cable?
Most all our units have satellite TV, there are a few that don’t, some people prefer that, those that do may have difficulty at times with reception due to weather patterns.

• Are there any other additional charges?
Yes – there is a 10% bed tax fee, plus a 1% tourism assessment fee, total 11% County tax, that helps pay for the management and upkeep of the Counties infrastructure and government. Please do note, that unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge cleaning fees; however, a two-night reservation deposit is required when you confirm your reservation.