Park & Cabin Accommodations

Accommodations & Facilities in Yosemite

Scenic Wonders is the Yosemite vacation home rental company of choice for people who want to stay in Yosemite for a great value. We offer cabins for parties of 2-8 people located away from the more congested tourists spots to keep your stay feeling uninterrupted and memorable. Our cabins offer magnificent views of Yosemite National Park and many more accommodations.

Housing Accommodations

All Scenic Wonders cabins are located within the gates of Yosemite National Park. Guests will not have to travel far to reach outdoor trails and other majestic sites. Here are the amenities you get when you stay with Scenic Wonders:

  • WARM BEDS: Camping in the great outdoors is not for everyone. After a day of exploring the wilderness, there is no relief like coming home to a cozy bed. Our properties come stocked with bedroom linens, so there is no need to pack your own.
  • HOT SHOWERS: Start your day right with a hot shower, or rinse off after an ascent up Half Dome. Our rentals have enough hot water to go around so you will not have to miss one of life’s simple pleasures.
  • STOVE & KITCHEN AMENITIES: Have breakfast before going out or come back to a home cooked meal. All rental properties have a kitchen that includes utensils, coffee, tea, spices, and paper goods for your convenience.
  • TELEVISION: There is no reason to feel guilty about a little TV after the sun goes down. Many of our cabins have large, flat screen TVs with Blu-ray. Curl up and watch a favorite movie with the whole family.
  • INTERNET: Although it feels great to get off the grid, we realize not everyone can leave the world completely behind. Many of our properties have Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • FIREPLACES: Many of our cabins boast wood burning or propane fireplaces. Use them to keep warm when you come to Yosemite in winter, or if you just want an excuse to snuggle.
  • BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD: Enjoy the natural beauty of Yosemite viewed from your cabin’s window or on the sun deck. Even though the seasons change in Yosemite, it stays gorgeous all year round.

Yosemite National Park Accommodations

Scenic Wonders cabins offer many advantages you will not find anywhere else in the park. With a Scenic Wonders cabin, you will be in a private rental property away from the crowds. You will also enjoy:

  • MINIMAL TRAVEL TIME: Scenic Wonders’ properties are located within the gates of Yosemite, placing you minutes away from attractions like Half Dome, El Capitan, and Mariposa Grove.
  • BEAUTIFUL SCENERY & WEATHER: All of our properties take full advantage of Yosemite Park’s spectacular scenery. Additionally, Scenic Wonders cabins are closest to the valley floor. An early rise will guarantee you get to spend time alone in the park before the crowds arrive.
  • STAY INSIDE THE PARK: Yosemite has wonderful campgrounds and hotels, but during the summer, they are extremely crowded. Trying a hotel outside of the park subjects you to the traffic driving in and out of the park. Our properties’ superior locations help you avoid the rush.
  • NO RESERVATION FEES: Many Yosemite hotels and campsites charge outrageous reservation fees, sometimes as high as ten percent of your total reservation cost. You will never have to pay these fees when you book with us. We know you would never want to miss out on staying in a Yosemite Cabin. However, you will be charged a two-night deposit at the time of your reservation. Check our Rentals and Rates for additional details.
  • UNBEATABLE PRICES: Not only are our rental rates unbeatable, no security deposit is required, nor are cleaning fees charged.

With Scenic Wonders, your Yosemite vacation will be unforgettable for all the right reasons. Once you arrive, the only concern you’ll have is how fast you should plan your next trip here.