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Yosemite National Park is an ideal place to take your family, friends, or loved ones on vacation year-round. Every season in Yosemite has something different and exciting to offer. No matter what time of year you would like to plan your Yosemite vacation, you'll find unique adventures, beautiful sites, and you'll always find excellent Yosemite lodging through Scenic Wonders.


Best Seasons To Visit Yosemite

Yosemite in Winter

Winter is a great time to visit Yosemite National Park for a number of reasons. Yosemite lodging is least expensive during the winter because there are the smallest crowds. People think that the snowfall in Yosemite means less to do, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Winter activities in Yosemite include great skiing and snowboarding at the Badger Pass Ski Area, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing throughout the park, highly regarded annual festivities like Chef's Holidays, and a completely different view of Yosemite National Park. With snow on the ground and no leaves on the trees, winter is one of the best times for wildlife watching. A white backdrop is ideal for spotting bears, wolves, deer, and other fascinating wildlife.



Yosemite in Spring

Springtime is an excellent season for enjoying Yosemite's numerous waterfalls. As the snow melts, you'll get to see Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil, Vernal, and Nevada Falls at their peak. Spring also has the advantage of lesser crowds than the summer while providing most of the same opportunities for outdoor activities. You may have to deal with the occasional rainfall during the spring, but you will also get to experience less expensive accommodations, the beauty of the park coming into full bloom, and the excitement of new life all around. By the end of spring Yosemite really starts to fill up, so make your reservations early to guarantee the best Yosemite experience possible.



Yosemite in Summer

Summer boasts the biggest crowds at Yosemite, and with good reason. During the summer you'll experience the warmest temperatures, the most activities, and the Park at its most beautiful. During the summer months people flock to Yosemite to enjoy such activities as white water rafting, cycling, rock climbing, hiking, camping, wildlife watching, and much more. Many of these activities require permits or are best enjoyed via guided tours, so make sure to plan all of your Yosemite reservations ahead of time. Most importantly when planning a Yosemite vacation in the summer, book your Yosemite lodgings as early as possible.



Yosemite in Fall

Fall is a favorite season for many Yosemite travelers because of the vibrant colors you'll see throughout the park. Many of Yosemite’s trees are evergreens, but a large portion are deciduous trees with leaves that turn every shade of red, gold, yellow, purple, and more. Most summer activities are still available in the fall and you'll be able to enjoy them with smaller crowds. Plus, temperatures in Yosemite during the fall are usually quite warm and pleasant. No matter what season you're planning your vacation, make your Yosemite reservations early by contacting scenic wonders today. We offer cabin, home, and condo rentals within the gates of Yosemite National Park at affordable rates. Our Yosemite cabin rentals are the perfect choice for any season in Yosemite National Park.



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