Easy Hikes In Yosemite Via Glacier Point

Glacier Point: The Best Of The Easy Hikes In Yosemite

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Easy Hikes In Yosemite Via Glacier PointThe hiking trails of Yosemite National Park span the difficulty spectrum, so trekkers of all abilities have multiple routes at their disposal. For the sheer variety, scenic splendor, and convenience of its options, Glacier Point Road is one of the park’s finest destinations for hoofin’ it.

After all, the well-maintained road takes you up to high-country trailheads without you breaking a sweat (although topnotch hikers unafraid of switchbacks can do the climb on foot, too).

Easy Hikes In Yosemite via Glacier Point Road

Easy to Arduous Those seeking easy hikes in Yosemite have several choices in the Glacier Point area. The short path at Glacier Point itself—perhaps Yosemite’s premier vantage—is suitable for everyone. It’s an easy 300-yard stroll from the parking area to the view, which sweeps from Half Dome down to Yosemite Valley more than 3,000 feet below you. The path is wheelchair-accessible as well. A longer but still mild route is the 1.6-mile (round-trip) McGurk Meadow Trail, which descends to the pretty glade where sheepherder John McGurk once set his cabin. Those painless rambles are a world away from Glacier Point's tougher hikes, such as the 13-mile Pohono Trail and Four Mile Trail—both of which have you huffing and puffing the distance between Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point. Get an appreciation for the full range of Glacier Point hikes with the Park Service’s map. Attractions The views off Glacier Point Road are spectacular: not just from Glacier Point proper, but also Taft Point and other promontories. Those who like plenty of scenic payoffs while hiking, in other words, will love this corridor. You can wind down an afternoon of rambling with some of Yosemite's best evening stargazing, too. At the smaller scale, mountain wildflowers put on a dazzling show along many of these trails (such as McGurk Meadow) in early summer. Whether you’re looking for easy hikes in Yosemite with plenty of panoramas—or you're itching for a vigorous daylong adventure—Glacier Point is your ticket!

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