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Yosemite Vacations: 3 Things To Do While You’re Here

You could–and should!–make a lifetime of Yosemite vacations, and never exhaust its surprises. Here are three places to visit that give you a little flavor of Yosemite National Park–a taste we’re sure is going to have you coming back for more.

Half Dome

One of the most iconic symbols of Yosemite is Half Dome, a sheer-faced mass of beautiful Sierra Nevada granite overlooking Yosemite Valley.

You can appreciate this venerable signal peak from numerous points in the valley–or from higher vantages, such as Glacier Point.

If you’re fit and careful, on one of your Yosemite vacations you can summit Half Dome–one of the park’s most adventurous and stunning hikes. It’s a full-day outing, so plan accordingly!

Glacier Point

Speaking of vantages: Glacier Point is one of the park’s very finest. This prospect, more than 3,000 feet above the bottom of Yosemite Valley, takes in many of Yosemite’s best-known landmarks, including Half Dome, from a bird’s-eye perch. 

From late spring into mid-autumn, Glacier Point is accessible by automobile via Glacier Point Road. You can also hike there from the valley floor on the Four Mile Trail.

Between December and March, hitch on your cross-country skis and strike out from Badger Pass along groomed Glacier Point Road for a 21-mile-round-trip trek to the vista.

Degnan’s Deli

If you need to refuel after your outdoor adventuring, consider Degnan’s Deli in Yosemite Village for a delicious, refreshing meal. The oldest still-active business in the park, the deli was originally established in the late 1800s by Bridget and John Degnan, and remained in the family for decades before being transferred to concessionaire management. Stop by for a snack and relish the history–and the scenery!

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Sunday, March 10th, 2013

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