Is Yosemite Open? When is Yosemite National Park Re-Opening?

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Yosemite is now partially open

Yosemite is open with reservations required due to COVID-19. We are working to increase access to the park in a phased approach. Yosemite National Park is open with limited services and facilities to those with day-use reservations, reservations for in-park lodging or camping, and wilderness or Half Dome permits.

Under Yosemite’s draft reopening plan, visitors with overnight reservations at hotels, vacation rentals, and campgrounds inside the park would be allowed to drive in without buying a ticket to the park in advance. The Park is proposing to limit visitation by 50% and the number of private vehicles to approximately 3,600 per day.
An excellent opportunity to visit the park!

Due to Scenic Wonders two unique locations inside the Park, Yosemite West and Wawona, you are guaranteed entrance when you book your lodging with us.

You will need a copy of your reservation confirmation when you arrive at the Park gate and will have to pay the customary $35 admission fee.
Scenic Wonders Vacation Rentals are uniquely positioned to provide the safest possible lodging option, as there is contactless check in, no lobby, hallways or breakfast rooms, families can prepare their meals at home (no need to go out in public to eat meals), no contact between staff and guests, staff house (cleaner) works alone, and are cleaned to CDC standards in between guests.

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