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Spending time in the wilderness of Yosemite fills us with true freedom and wild excitement. Of all the mountain areas of the world, Yosemite National Park enjoys mild winters. Many visitors to Yosemite’s wilderness have been introduced to the joys of winter at family friendly Badger Pass.

HUSKY dogsledding was once enjoyed at Badger Pass.

These must have, indeed, been howling fun times at California’s oldest ski area. This winter enjoy mountains of fun whether skiing or snow-boarding upon the wide-open gentle slopes of Badger Pass.

Striding or skating along the forested and groomed Glacier Point Road is wildly rewarding.Yosemite visitors warmly embrace the winter just like these “cold-loving” warm-hearted huskies.

Winter activities allow for PLAYFUL MOVEMENT in the snow.

Feel a sense wild abandonment in the winter wilderness of Yosemite. Encounter the wild of Yosemite this winter. Encounter: from Old French contenance ‘facial expression,’ hence ‘the face.’ Be face to face with the wilderness of Yosemite this winter.


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