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Explore these 10 incredible things to do in Yosemite with kids (and the associated Infographic).Not only are these activities fun, and kid-friendly, they're among the best things you can ever do in Yosemite National Park.

  1. Glacier Point

    Everybody should see the astounding view from Glacier Point at least once. From this eagle's perch, you're more than 3,000 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor! You'll get a whole new perspective on Half Dome, Clouds Rest, Yosemite Falls, and other unforgettable landmarks of the valley.

  2. Lower Yosemite Fall Hike

    Take one of Yosemite's most stirring short hikes--right up to the base of towering Yosemite Falls. In spring and early summer, when the waterfall is at peak flow, you'll probably get a little shower in its spray on this trail!

  3. Biking

    There are few better ways to take in the mesmerizing scenery of the Yosemite Valley than by bicycle. The waterfalls and rock formations are a joy to soak up as you pedal along better than 12 miles of level, paved routes. Hop on the bike--with your helmet snugly strapped on, of course!

  4. Ansel Adams Gallery

    You'll love the hands-on fun of the children's photo walk at the Ansel Adams Gallery, named for the legendary photographer who famously celebrated the same Sierra Nevada landscapes you get to savor today. You'll learn your way around cameras and master tricks for nabbing topnotch snapshots.

  5. Nature Center at Happy Isles

    Learn more about Yosemite's outstanding wildlife and native ecosystems with a summertime visit to the Nature Center at Happy Isles. After you've explored the indoor exhibits, take a stroll outside on the interpretive paths--along which you'll get a firsthand look at forest, river, fen, and talus habitats.

  6. May Lake

    Up at 9,270 feet, May Lake is a remarkable one, tucked amid looming granite domes and cliffs. The 2.5-mile hike there and back gives you a taste of the Yosemite wilderness--as well as a little lemonade from the High Sierra Camp!

  7. Tenaya Lake

    The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range famous for lakes, so you should try to visit a few on your Yosemite vacation. Check out stunning Tenaya Lake, scoured out of Sierra granite by glaciers. You might have glaciers on the mind if you're brave enough for a jump in the glassy waters!

  8. Mariposa Grove

    When you tour the Mariposa Grove, you're seeing something truly special stands of the world's most massive tree, the giant sequoia. There are several groves in Yosemite, but the Mariposa is the biggest and best-known.

  9. Pioneer Yosemite History Center

    Yosemite isn't just about amazing natural history--it's also a place rich in human stories. Explore some of them at the Pioneer Yosemite History Center, where you can visit vintage buildings that symbolize particular eras in the park's biography.

  10. Merced River Whitewater Rafting

    The Merced River is one of Yosemite's great waterways. It's one thing to take in the Merced from the bank; what about actually getting out onto the water on a one-day whitewater-rafting adventure? Whatever your abilities, there's an exciting river stretch for you.

 Want more things to do in Yosemite with kids? Yosemite is chock full of greatopportunities and activities! If your still looking for where to go and what things to do in Yosemite with kids, check out the Yosemite Guide.It gets updated regularly with information and a schedule of activities in Yosemite National Park.

Safety Tips

We care about you and your family's safety. All visitors to Yosemite should become educated about the risks in Yosemite so their time can be as safe as possible. Before you explore the things to do in Yosemite with kids, protect yourself and others from harm. Review the wilderness safety tips at www.nps.gov. Kids, remember


  1. Never try to feed the wildlife - it's illegal and extremily dangerous
  2. Water is cold, currents can be very strong and rocks can be slippery when wet
  3. Weather can change suddenly and can catch you off guard
  4. Always stay on the trails
  5. Don't get dehydrated - bring plenty of water

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