Yosemite Waterfalls: Countless Spring Waterfalls Fed By Snowmelt

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Plentiful waterfalls are among Yosemite’s best-known natural features. The Sierra Nevada is a snowy place in winter—a result of the range’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean—and heavy snowmelt from spring through early summer feeds beautiful cataracts tumbling out of the highlands. Yosemite Valley is richly endowed with waterfalls, and spring, when they’re running at full flow, is the ideal time to appreciate them. Here are a few of Yosemite Valley’s most notable waterfalls, but there are numerous other waterfalls to seek out.

Yosemite Falls

At 2,425 feet tall, Yosemite Falls is a three-tiered plunge of exceptional beauty that backdrops plenty of vistas from the Yosemite Valley floor. Despite its majesty, Yosemite Falls usually only flows seasonally; it tends to be nearly or completely dry by late summer. Springtime visitors marvel at its maximum incarnation. For a closer look, hike up to the bottom of the 320-foot Lower Yosemite Fall, or attempt the more challenging trek to the crest of the cataract.

Bridalveil Fall

Among the waterfalls, this is the one that welcomes you to Yosemite Valley, prominent from the Wawona and Big Oak Flat roads. Over 600 feet tall, Bridalveil runs perennially. If you pull off at the Bridalveil Fall parking lot on the way into Yosemite Valley, you can walk an easy half-mile paved path—often billowed with mist—to the base.

Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall is a 1,000-foot streamer gushing off the shoulders of one of Yosemite’s most famous landforms, the noble dome called El Capitan. Usually diminishing in flow by April, this waterfall is noteworthy for the infernal shimmer it assumes during mid- to late-winter sunsets.

Nevada Fall

Another year-round cascade, Nevada Fall—close to 600 feet tall—is a striking landmark from the amazing vista of Glacier Point, which usually becomes accessible by the end of May. You can get much closer to Nevada Fall by hiking the Mist Trail from Vernal Fall, another beautiful water drop, or taking the John Muir Trail.

See The Yosemite Waterfalls This Spring

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