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Yosemite is home to a wide variety of wildlife including deer, rabbits, birds, wolves, and bears. Incidents with Yosemite National Park bears are down 77% this year compared to the same time last year, but incidents still occur on a regular basis. That's why it's a good idea to be aware of the wildlife that surrounds you when you're in Yosemite and to be particularly aware of a few facts about Yosemite bears. Most incidents that occur with Yosemite National Park bears are not fatal to humans. However, a number of bears are killed each year by drivers in the park. Park officials warn drivers to obey speed limits and pay attention while driving through the park. So far this year six bears have been hit by vehicles. Last year 28 bears were hit altogether as well as a number of deer, squirrels, and other park animals. Safety First It's important to drive slowly in Yosemite and be aware that wildlife could be on the road around and he turned. Pay attention and drive carefully to help protect the life of Yosemite bears and other wildlife in the park. Remember, Yosemite is home to the bears and other wildlife – you’re just a visitor in their territory. Most incidents that occur with bears in the park happen in campgrounds. So far 19 incidents have happened on Yosemite campgrounds with bears. The park considers a "bear incident" to have occurred when a monetary loss to a person is involved. So far the total cost of property damage caused by bears this year has added up to over $9000. Most of this total stems from incidents occurring in parking lots. Be sure to keep your car locked and not to leave any food in your vehicle. Most incidents with bears in Yosemite could be avoided by keeping food better protected in bear lockers. It's reported that 12 of the 19 incidents from this year had to do with bears obtaining food from trash that was left out or from unsecured trash cans or dumpsters. Park rangers suggest treating your bear locker like you would your refrigerator at home. Open it to get food out and then close it again right away. The smell of food can attract bears from great distances, so it's important to be careful with whatever food you leave out and when disposing of your trash. Yosemite Vacation Home Rentals Another simple way to enjoy your food without worrying about Yosemite bears is to forgo camping and instead enjoy the comforts of a cabin, condominium, or home within the gates of Yosemite national Park. Scenic Wonders offers Yosemite lodging at affordable prices that are ideal for families, groups of friends, and couples. We have a wide range of Yosemite reservations available to suit the needs of different types of groups. Make your Yosemite vacation memorable for all the right reasons by avoiding campground bear incidents by choosing Scenic Wonders’ Yosemite vacation home rentals. Photo credit: photoverulam

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