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Here’s what you should expect to pay to visit this historic American landmark located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. 

Please note that to drive into Yosemite National Park between May 20 and September 30, 2022 during peak hours (6:00 am–4:00 pm) you must have a reservation, which costs $2. You do not need a reservation to enter before 6:00 am or after 4:00 pm. See the nps.gov page for the latest details. 

There are many National Parks in the United States, and Yosemite is one of the top destinations for travelers looking to experience one of America’s most spectacular natural wonders. One of the first questions you might ask, however, is how much that might cost you to visit. 

How Much Does it Cost to Enter Yosemite National Park?

The Yosemite National Park entrance fee costs $35 for non-commercial cars, pickup trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), and vans with up to 15 passenger seats. The fee is $30 for motorcycles, and $20 for those on foot, biking, riding horseback, or driving non-commercial buses or vans that contain more than 15 passenger seats. 

What if You’re a Vendor Giving a Yosemite Tour? 

Giving a commercial tour to Yosemite? The fee for a commercial tour with a 6-seater sedan is $25 for the vehicle and an additional $20 per person. Larger commercial tours ranging from 7-15 seats, 16-25 seats, and 26 or more seats cost $125, $200, and $300 respectively. 

The park is currently only accepting credit card payments, so make sure you plan accordingly. You can pay the entrance fee at any park entrance, and if the entrance happens to be unmanned when you enter, not a problem: you can pay your entrance fee on your way out later. 

Is Visiting Yosemite Ever Free?

Trying to save money? The entrance fee is indeed waived on a handful of days throughout the year. While these free days differ slightly each year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 17th) and Veterans Day (November 11th) seem to always be on the list. Some other freebies have included: the First Day of National Park Week (which takes place in April), the Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act (August 4th), and National Public Lands Day (September 24th). Keep an eye out for when the National Park Service announces their free entrance days and mark your calendars accordingly! 

Some educational groups visiting the park for a field trip may be eligible for a fee waiver, so be sure to look into the qualifications for free access if you’re an educator or administrator interested in taking students to Yosemite. 

Entrance to the park is free for the following groups of people: 4th grade US students, United States citizens/permanent residents with permanent disabilities, active United States military personnel and their dependents, and veterans of the United States military and Gold Star family members.  

Are there Annual Passes to Yosemite National Park?

If you plan on visiting Yosemite National Park a few times a year, or if you’re a senior (62 or older) it may be worth it to look into the annual passes. The Yosemite Annual pass, for instance, costs $70 and gets you into the park for 12 months.

No matter who you are, however, there can be no doubt that visiting Yosemite is worth the price of entry. It’s impossible to quantify the experience you are guaranteed to have no matter what brings you to the park, whether it be backpacking, rock climbing, picnicking, or any of the other activities this extraordinary park offers. 


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