The Nature of Yosemite: A Visual Journey

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"The Nature of Yosemite” Book Signing was hosted at The Ansel Adams Gallery, with Robb Hirsch on Saturday, November 30th.

“Majestic icons, intimate details, compelling wildlife portraits, and enchanting scenes of natural splendor are richly reproduced in this stylish volume.
Whether venturing deep into the wilderness or simply taking a few steps off a park road, photographer Robb Hirsch, a scientist by training, always brings back a captivating picture-and the story behind it.

Yosemite is like nowhere else on Earth.

Within its vast expanses, are found spectacular granites, two major watersheds, glacially carved valleys, delicate meadows, thousands of lakes, grand trees, and charismatic wildlife.

From his years of exploring and studying the Sierra Nevada, Robb knows that understanding the natural processes underlying the magic of a place like Yosemite can thoroughly enhance one’s connection to the landscape.

In this book, Robb provides that enriching experience by calling on knowledgeable friends—all experts in their fields—to contribute insights into the natural wonders on view in his photographs. The images and essays work together to draw readers into a deeper relationship with their favorite national park.” blurb

The book features essays by many Sierra Nevada luminaries including:
John Muir Laws, on Wonder, Beauty, and Nature
James McGrew, on the role of art in Yosemite

"The Nature of Yosemite" was published by The Yosemite Conservancy.


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