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Famous Valley View is a must see for travelers to Yosemite Valley. Today, the clouds are cheerfully in procession from the east end of the valley to the west. We enjoy sitting opposite Bridalveil Fall. We find delight in studying the constant natural changes of this beautiful scene. We listen carefully to all the sounds of nature that surround us.

Nature comes into our heart as we sit immersed in Nature. Our spirit intermingles with the water of the Merced River so sweetly. We are not surprised that, as time goes on, we do not want to leave this most wonderful spot. We are moved not to move from this place of rest.

Valley View is a place of comfort to travelers, a place of light to photographers, and a place of treasure to all who love nature. Beauty is everywhere in Yosemite Valley; wherever we are in the valley~ we find beauty. However, most especially at wonderful Valley View is beauty near to us.

Famous Valley View is a must see for travelers to Yosemite Valley. Here, we pass the time joyfully for quite some time. We will plan to return soon to this beautiful spot which belongs to Yosemite Valley. As the clouds begin to depart, it is time for our departure as well.

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