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Glacier Point is considered one of the best lookout spots in the entire country.

Glacier Point is located on the south wall of Yosemite Valley at an elevation of over 7,000 feet. It stands 3,200 feet above Curry Village. From Glacier Point the entire Yosemite Valley can be seen including Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Vernal Fall, and Clouds Rest. Thanks to the spectacular views afforded at Glacier Point, it is a favorite spot of tourists to Yosemite National Park year-round. During the summer months and throughout most of the fall and spring, Glacier Point can be reached via a bus tour that takes about four hours to reach the summit, allow time for viewing, and return back down to Curry Village.

Glacier Point can also be reached during the same months via Four Mile Trail. This rather strenuous trail ascends 3,200 feet from Curry Village to Glacier Point in a distance of 4.6 miles. The trail can be rather difficult and is considered hazardous during colder months when snow and ice make the trek more dangerous. Park Rangers tend to close down the trail from December to May. However, when the trail is considered unsafe, visitors to the park can still reach Glacier Point by snowshoe or cross-country skiing from the Badger Pass Ski Area.

The view from Glacier Point changes drastically throughout the year. People who come to Yosemite National Park only during the summer months tend to miss out on the serene, snowy view that can be afforded from Glacier Point during the winter. Even when snowfall is minimal, the crisp view of the park during winter months can be quite exceptional. Glacier Point is a favorite spot of hikers, adventurers, and photographers. The Point at night also affords spectacular views of the starry skies above. Star gazing tours are offered whenever Glacier Point Road is open, usually from June to November. Glacier Point is so named because it was formed by the wearing away of Yosemite’s glaciers slowly over time. The distinctive glacier formation of the slope is characterized by rounded boulders, cobblers, and angular fragments, all of which are deeply weathered. The slope has a smooth gray color that comes from the granite found in the slope’s surface.

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