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Spring is nearly upon us and with it comes some of the best reasons to visit Yosemite National Park. The spring months in Yosemite are accompanied by flowing waterfalls, blooming flowers, new animal life, mild temperatures, minimal crowds, and some of the best opportunities for photography all year long. If you've never visited Yosemite in the spring, make this year your year for a memorable and beautiful Yosemite vacation.

Avoid the Crowds of Summer

The vast majority of tourists come to the park in the summer when temperatures are their highest and the most Yosemite activities are available. But in spring, you can enjoy almost as many activities as are available in summer and not have to deal with the crowds. Spring in Yosemite is accompanied by the occasional rain, but for the most part temperatures are pleasant and the atmosphere is serene. Yosemite activities you can enjoy during the spring include rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and cycling, and all without being elbow to elbow with other visitors. Spring is truly the ideal time to visit.

See Yosemite’s Waterfalls at their Best

As the snows of winter melt, spring in Yosemite brings waterfalls that flow at their peak levels. Yosemite has a number of beautiful waterfalls to enjoy including Lower Yosemite Fall. Here, if you time your visit just right, you may be able to spot a lunar rainbow – a phenomenon that occurs at this waterfall when there is a full moon out. During the day you can also enjoy rushing waterfalls throughout the Valley and the beautiful hikes to and from them.

Enjoy Spring Blossoms All Around

Spring in Yosemite is also accompanied by wildflowers blooming throughout Yosemite Valley and across the park. The colors you'll experience cross the spectrum and make hikes, walks, and bike trips through the Valley a particularly splendid experience. Some of the blooms you'll come across in Yosemite Valley include California poppies, meadowfoam, baby blue-eyes, Lupine, Pacific Dogwood, and snowplant.

Take Your Best Yosemite Photos

Flowing waterfalls and blooming flowers are accompanied by young life roaming about the park in spring. These idyllic circumstances create great opportunities for photographers to snap their best pictures in Yosemite. Many photographers flock to Yosemite every spring to capture the beauty that surrounds them. Even if photography isn't your strong suit, you can get great pictures by taking a photography class or tour through the Ansel Adams Gallery.


Spring into Yosemite! With so many great reasons to visit Yosemite in spring, you should start planning your trip today. Yosemite's Scenic Wonders offers great Yosemite cabins within the gates of the park. Call today at 1-888-YOSEMITE (1-888-967-3648) to ask about our available Yosemite reservations. Photo credit: Dawn Endico

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