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Rain is part of Yosemite’s seasonal cycle

Pacific weather systems rolling across the Sierra Nevada from fall to spring generate plenty of precipitation in the park—often rain at lower elevations and snow higher in the mountains. Does a leaky day in Yosemite mean ruined plans and nothing to do? Far from it!

If the skies are lowering, you’ve still got plenty to experience. (Just remember as you’re tooling around to carry tire chains in case the drizzle turns to snow, as sometimes happens.) Here are four excellent rainy-day courses of action.

  1. Nature Center at Happy Isles

    The inside of this wonderful family-friendly institution is an ideal place to hole up in rainy weather. The cozy interior has a plethora of interpretive exhibits on park ecology and geology—loads of fun for kids and adults alike.

  2. Yosemite by Car

    Even if the elements aren’t cooperating for a hike, you can still go out exploring the park roads—catching glimpses of Half Dome through breaks in the clouds and waterfalls tumbling out of the mist, pausing in pine and fir woods to hear the patter of rain on conifer boughs. Again, just remember to have on hand chains and other winter-travel essentials.

  3. Yosemite Arts Center

    Another fantastic indoor activity in the park is participating in an art class at the Yosemite Arts Center, where instructors help you translate the natural wonders you’ve been experiencing firsthand into sketches and paintings. Check the current schedule here.

  4. Kick Back!

    Why not just curl up in your Scenic Wonders cabin when the rains descend and enjoy the woodsy view from a perch beside a dancing fire? Relaxing in Yosemite—really, does it get any better than that? Don’t despair when the clouds gather and the drizzle starts falling: Yosemite is as beautiful and inspiring in a rainstorm as it is under blazing sunshine.


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