Be Cautious, Save Money on your Yosemite Reservations!

So, you’ve decided to book a rental home for your Yosemite National Park vacation. It’s a great way to go, affording many of the comforts of your own home while often allowing excellent proximity to many activities in the park. But, before you book, be careful that the Yosemite reservations website you are booking with isn’t taking you for a ride.
Many people feel that the easiest way to book travel these days is to go through one of those big travel websites. These sites can be very convenient for bringing a large number of options together in one place, but beware! More often than not, sites like these charge huge reservation fees that can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your vacation.

Why Pay Reservation Fees? Book with Scenic Wonders!

Making Yosemite reservations directly through the small companies that offer Yosemite lodging, like Scenic Wonders, will save you money.  Additionally, it will not take any more time than using a travel search engine. A simple Google search for “cabins in Yosemite” will bring up all sorts of small businesses, including Scenic Wonders, that rent out the cabins you’re looking for at a much lower cost.

You may be asking yourself, “But don’t the big travel sites offer all sorts of discounts?” It’s true, travel sites will often have discounts, but these discounts actually come directly from the small companies that are providing your Yosemite reservations. If you go directly to the source, they usually will honor the discounts that are offered on other sites.  This will save you big bucks as you will not be charged high reservation fees.

Another thing to watch out for when making your Yosemite reservations is the actual location of the property you’re renting. Lots of small rental companies offer cabins in Yosemite, but make sure that your cabin is actually located within the park itself. All of the cabins, homes and condominiums offered by Yosemite’s Scenic Wonders meet this criterion, saving you up to two hours a day of travel time between your Yosemite rental property and the actual park.

Save yourself some time, money and frustration by making your Yosemite reservation with Scenic Wonders. Give us a call at 1-888-YOSEMITE (1-888-967-3648) or make your reservation online today!  We look forward to your visit and will do our best to ensure your Yosemite vacation is the trip of a lifetime.