Mariposa Grove Near Our Yosemite Cabins

Visit The Mariposa Grove Of Giant Sequoias From Our Yosemite Cabins

The combination of stammeringly beautiful mountains and some of the world’s most diverse and titanic conifer forests is one of the Sierra Nevada’s most spectacular features. One of Yosemite National Park’s grandest timber stands is the Mariposa Grove—an easy drive from our Scenic Wonders Yosemite cabins, and usually fully accessible by April.

The stars of the Mariposa Grove are the giant sequoias, which rank as the world’s largest trees. Related to the coast redwoods of northwestern California—tallest trees on the planet—the sequoias are entirely restricted to the Sierra Nevada; you won’t see them in the wild anywhere else. It’s hard to describe the experience of wandering among their enormous, reddish-brown trunks, which rise in tapering shafts toward a canopy hundreds of feet above you.

In addition to their record bulk, these superlative trees are also exceptionally long-lived—some exceed 3,000 years old—and aren’t slouches in the height department, either: The tallest grow past 300 feet.

The Mariposa Grove, separated into lower and upper zones, invites both motorists and hikers—and, in the winter, snowshoers and cross-country skiers—to explore its gargantuan ranks, which include some particularly famed trees. The Grizzly Giant is among the most titanic and has likely stood in its spot for nearly two millennia. In the Upper Grove, the Wawona Tunnel Tree is a toppled landmark drenched in history; between 1881 and 1969, cars could drive through its trunk courtesy of an excavated hole. A counterpart in the Lower Grove, the California Tunnel Tree, is still upright—you can saunter through for a truly unique experience.

Whether you’re auto-touring or roaming the miles of trails, be sure to stop at the Mariposa Grove Museum to learn more about the beautiful, ancient trees you’re sharing company with. It’s set in a vintage cabin built in 1861 by one of the Mariposa Grove’s first white visitors, Galen Clark, who ardently lobbied for its preservation.

The Mariposa Grove is not just a beautiful place to visit that happens to be near our Yosemite cabins; it’s also a precious piece of Yosemite’s heritage, one of the early-celebrated linchpins by which the national park was eventually fully established. Come visit it today from your home base in one of the Scenic Wonders Yosemite cabins and revel in both the big trees and the country’s conservation heritage.

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