Photo walking tours in Yosemite

Sumptuous Photo Walking Tours Capture Yosemite’s Panoramic Splendor

The monumental perfection of Yosemite National Park’s landscape is enough to inspire almost anyone who experiences it firsthand to want to try to capture it—in words or images. That’s an impulse countless artists and poets have succumbed to since the first Euro-Americans glimpsed this stunning sector of the Sierra Nevada.

Surely the most famous photographer to have celebrated Yosemite is Ansel Adams (1902-1984), who credited its “great earth gesture” as a leading inspiration. Acolytes of Adams—and any other budding shutterbug—can walk in his footsteps on the free, guided Ansel Adams Photo Walking Tours in the park.

Photo Walking Tours

On four mornings a week—Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday—staff from the Ansel Adams Gallery will lead you on instructional camera strolls through the park. These 90-minute treks are chockfull of tips on mastering camera function and framing landscape shots, interspersed with background on Adams.

These walking tours are a fantastic resource: a chance to enjoy professional photography tutelage while practicing amid some of the world’s most exalted scenery.

Mementos to Last a Lifetime

Indeed, you can basically point a camera at random in Yosemite and still produce a striking image—grand conifers, spectral waterfalls, and glacier-polished mountains see to that. To truly understand what you’re doing and hone your craft, however, there’s nothing like a session in the field with an expert.

You’ll surely want to visit the Ansel Adams Gallery as well—featuring a fantastic collection of the groundbreaking photographer’s works. It’s located right in Yosemite Valley and run by Adams’ grandson.

Meantime, grab your camera and join one of these photo walking tours at no charge—what a steal!

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